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Burma liveaboard

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At this time Premier liveaboard diving has no liveaboards Diving in Burma

Diving in Burma - general information.

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Burma diving safaris leave from Phuket on Thailand's west coast travelling through the beautiful Similan islands and on to the border crossing into Myanmar at the Kawthong immigrati on checkpoint diving as we go.
The trips experience the great diving in the crystal clear
waters of the Similan islands in Thailand first before moving on north wards through the Andaman sea to the border crossing at Kawthong and into Burma.
Burma is an amazing place. The Mergui Archipelago contains over 800 islands and is sparsley populated by Mokken, Burmese sea gypsies, that stay for months at a time on their boats fishing and living amongst the islands and Mangrove swamps.
The special thing about diving in Burma is that you really feel like you are out there doing something unusual and not following the tourist trail. You rarely see another dive boat and the sites are many, varied and spread over a large area. Hundreds of islands hide new dive spots that are found each year, dolphins andwhales are not uncommon sights and the mangroves present other treasures such as dugongs, kingfishers, wild pigs and monkeys, there's even reports of tigers and elephants hiding in there, a possibility not as ar fetched as it sounds as both were once common here.
Burma liveaboards vary greatly from sailing yachts to larger motor cruisers and consequently the price for scuba diving in Burma also varies a reasonable amount but you generally get what you pay for and so if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
Diving Burma normally Burma diving trip photo from the Similan islandscosts from around 200 - 250 Euros a day for a decent boat dependant on such things as the size of the boat, cabins, en-suite bathrooms, air-con etc. There is also a visa entry charge for Burma of US$ 230 to factor into the cost.
It is only possible to dive in Burma by liveaboard boat as access via land is forbidden and in any case would be very difficult due to the lack of any local infrastructure, travel restrictions and the distance from the nearest airport to a useable departure port.
Our Burma liveaboard also includes a brief spell diving in the Similan islands as you make your way north to the border crossing between Thailand and Burma.
Burma diving is accessed through Thailand on the west coast with the boat leaving and returning to the diving from Phuket.
The trip lasts 9 days and also visits the more northern islands of the Similan islands and dive Richelieu rock and sometimes Koh Bon for 2 of these days to look for manta rays and whale sharks - check out the links below to find out more details or just read on...

Diving in Burma - Boat

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At this time Premier liveaboard diving has no liveaboards Diving in Burma

Diving in Burma - cabins

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At this time Premier liveaboard diving has no liveaboards Diving in Burma

Diving in Burma - Schedule

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At this time Premier liveaboard diving has no liveaboards Diving in Burma

Diving in Burma - Sample itinerary

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Departure Day
Dolphin playing in the bow wave in BurmaGuests transfer to Patong between 17:00-18:00 checking in at Royal Phawadee Village. A delicious Thai buffet is served after completing the check in process. Transfer to the boat by 19:30 for boat and safety briefing, settle into your cabin then set up equipment. Prior to getting underway, the crew set off firecrackers to bring good luck for the cruise , dinner is served and we sail usually calm seas for 6 hours to the Similan Islands.
Day One - 4 dives
Manta rays at Koh BonWake up call at 7am in paradise ! After a continental breakfast, 1st dive around 8am at the beautiful coral encrusted crystal clear East Of Eden on island # 7 followed by a full western breakfast. Visit Princess Beach at Island #4, visit the small museum or shop for a Similans souvenir. Dive #2 at Koh Bon for chance for Manta. After a delicious lunch and time to relax, enjoy a 3rd dive at Koh Tachai for pelagics and the chance for whale shark and mantas followed by an interesting night dive. Then relax with a cool beer and new friends after a delicious dinner
Day Two - 3 dives
Whale shark encounters are not uncommon at RichelieuFirst dive today either at Koh Tachai or the world famous Richelieu Rock. After breakfast, dive # 2 and # 3 at Richelieu Rock then its north to clear the Burma border. Relax on the wonderful sundeck or sort your Richelieu photos in our spacious saloon. After clearing the border and a delicious dinner, we head off for our 1st stop in Burma.
Day Three - 4 dives
Lionfish hunting in the smasll fryWake up in Burma and get ready for some fascinating diving. Today we dive High Rock, Stewart Island, Rocky Island and experience some great macro opportunities such as rare nudibrancs, stick pipe fish, spindle cowries and more. Not into small stuff - then check out the millions of moray, stone fish, scorpion fish, lion fish in full predatory action.
Day Four - 4 dives
The invisible ghost pipefishSome call it "In through the out door" some call it Shark Cave - awesome diving awaits what ever you call it ! Maybe the nurse sharks will be in the chamber ? Maybe some Grey Reef sharks in their sleeping formation cruising in the canyon ? If not, then you will still be busy with loads of snappers, bait fish, sea horse, ornate ghost pipe fish, beautiful soft corals housing rare and unusual cowries and more.
Day Five - 4 dives
Leopard sharkToday's feature site is Black Rock where we make 3 day and 1 sunset dive. Awesome dives with grey reef shark, white tip reef shark, leopard sharks, huge garoupa, giant marbled rays and trevally, huge remoras and masses of pelagic fishes. Top this off with ornate ghost pipe fish, frogfish and a million glass fish and this day will please every diver! Weather allowing we will cruise 8 hours overnight to the Burma Banks.
Day Six - 4 dives
Banded sea kraitAn early start on our shark safari for nurse sharks, white tip and black tip reef sharks, silvertip sharks as we do 4 day dives on Heckford Bank (Big Bank) and Silvertip Bank. The Banks are really weather dependent as they are way out to sea. If the conditions are not favorable for the Banks, we will divert to some other great sites in the area.
Day Seven - 4 dives
Pharoah cuttlefish are everywhereKeep your eyes open for bull shark, white tip reef sharks and leopard sharks at Fan Forrest. Pinnacle during dive 1 & 2. After a scrumptious buffet lunch of Thai and western specialities Its time for a snooze on the sun deck, write up your dive log before the next dive around 3-4pm. The afternoon dive at Western Rocky Island is a treat for all with a tunnel going through the island full of glass fish, hinge beak shrimps and a regular haunt for nurse and other sharks. Before dinner, we make a night dive around Western Rocky for all the night treasures Burma offers. A great day's diving complete !
Day Eight - 2 dives
Twin Chromodoris nudibranchTwo good dives around Western Rocky island or pinnacle - then we cruise to Kaw Thaung for border clearance and maybe some sightseeing. Relax on board, sort pictures, snooze a little and enjoy the sunset at we cruise south to Thai waters and more great dives in the Similan Islands.
Day Nine - 2 dives
Stunning coral formationsLast but not least, East of Eden or Anita's Reef followed by Boulder City or Shark Fin Reef - a great way to end a super 9 day safari. Make sure you leave some film/disc space for loads of reef fishes, stunning coral formations, nudis and turtles! Then enjoy lunch as we cruise south to Patong, Phuket. The crew will rinse your gear for you ! We arrive at approx 16:00 hours and will transfer you to your hotel where you can dream about your next cruise on board Mermaid Liveaboards !

Diving in Burma - Prices

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At this time Premier liveaboard diving has no liveaboards Diving in Burma

Diving in Burma - Dive sites.

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Black Rock
Probably the most spectacular diving in Burma with the moWhale sharks are pretty common at black rock - 4 in one day this yearst potential for big stuff in the archipelago, Black Rock is a rocky island approximately 100 meters long. Here is the closest you’ll come tLeopard sharks are always sleeping in the sando having a true wall dive, with depths to over 60-meters and a dramatic drop off in most areas.
Some of the fish you will see here include black-spotted pufferfish, spotted hawkfish, scorpionfish, and blue-ringed angelfish. If you are a moray eel fan, then this is your dive site. Many unusual and rarely seen morays are common, including extra-large common green, zebra, and fimbriated and white-eyed morays. Octopus and cuttlefish can be found here, the latter easy to photograph.

Great Swinton Islands / North Twin Island
There is a large undManta rayerwater plateau located close to the North Twin Island. The top of the reef has an average depth of 5-15m, with large mating cuttle fish and the highlight here are the Manta rays that visit this place many times with there graceful displays. On the deeper side of this dive site there are big boulders dropping Manta raydown to 40m where you usually find a large populationof black spotted stingrays sleeping on the sandy bottom.
An underwater pinnacle located close to North Twin Island. The shallowest point of this pinnacle is around 12m and continues down to over 60 meters. As you descend down the slopping reef which has been dynamited you will find a huge amount of sea fans swaying in the usually strong currents. At around 25 meters you can find large Indian nurse sharks sleeping in the overhangs. A look out in to the blue can be rewarding with large dog tooth tunas circling above.

Shark cave / in through the out door / 3 stooges / Cavern IslandHarlequin shrimp
This site has so many names and for very good reason, it's amazingly full of life and everyone wants it named by them. Harboring some of the best marine life in the archipelago. Huge schools of fusilier and silversides surround Lionfish in a school of fryyou upon entering the water. The sandy base of the islands reveals unusual anemones and starfish, while the walls are covered with orange cup corals, whip corals, and green tubastrea coral. It is one of the better areas to see harlequin shrimp and harlequin ghost pipe fish.
If you’re looking for drama, there is a canyon that leads to a tunnel connecting the northern and southern part of the main, middle island. Here, if you’re lucky, you can witness gray reef sharks swimming in and out of the canyon. The trick here is to hang out against the east side of the wall and just watch what comes by.

Western Rocky Island
This limestone island features beautiful underwater terrain, including a Cuttlefishtunnel–often full of large tawny nurse sharks–which traverses the island about 20-meters down. The island is more like a serPorcelin crabsies of pinnacles rather than one big rock and the soft limestone makes for crevices offering shelter for a wide variety of sea creatures. Some of the marine life you will see here include mantas, gray reef and spinner sharks, and eagle rays in the open water next to the island, while leopard sharks and spotted rays lie on the bottom. On and around the rocks, spiny lobster, cowrie shells, feather stars, anemones and an assortment of crabs abound. Reef fish include blue-ringed angelfish, moray-eels, snappers, frogfish, and ghost pipefish.

Burma liveaboard diving

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